Netnames: Brand Campaign

 “We want to target two distinctly different target audiences with effectively the same message and are looking for guidance on where to start. Our main challenge in any creative execution is market complacency about the real versus perceived threats to corporate brands online. We need to get people thinking about the need to take preventative action.”
Marketecture set about developing different conceptual propositions to the two distinct audiences with a consistent underlying strategic premise: Forget the textbook ‘solution/benefit’ led messaging model and position NetNames as the expert on the problems – the natural implication is expertise on the solution. Netnames’ ability to deliver the solution we felt was underpinned by the statement that the company works with 30% of the FTSE 100. Create the FUD factor (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) in the most relevant way for each target market. Create an appropriate ‘smile in the mind’ whilst actively illustrating very real risk exposure.

Approach one targeting marketing professionals – “Meet Andriy & Buela”

Creativity is the lifeblood of the marketing industry and so whatever the approach it needed to stack up against the ‘sexiest’ of executions. In the b2b world, creativity needs to be every bit as impactful as consumer campaigns, but beyond creating sufficient ‘wow’ factor, it demands strategic substance too. ‘Meet Andriy and Buela’ was designed to shock visually to achieve impact. It took the threat posed by online brand activity and personified it in the form of two outwardly shady looking characters. Though there is an element of humour here it instantly illustrates the fact that without careful domain management, organisations are unintentionally laying their brands open to abuse.

Approach 2 – targeting legal professionals – “Mind games”

Evoking the desired response from individuals operating in a more reserved, corporate environment called for an altogether different approach. More used to dealing with complex manuscripts rife with legal jargon, the approach would need to be suitably subtle yet thought provoking and intelligent. By switching the ordering of the lettering in such a way that the text was still decipherable, the idea was to implicitly demonstrate how easy it is to make careless assumptions. This would prompt an audience that considered itself ‘expert’ to re-evaluate its position. Though it was reasonably up to speed with the issue, could it be entirely confident it wasn’t missing a costly trick?

Trade advertising in: Marketing, Campaign, Brand Republic, Marketing Week, Trade Mark World, World IP Review (Print and banner advertising). Andriy & Buela also stole the limelight on exhibition stands at the International Trademark Association annual conference in Boston (and made such an impact they have been brought back in 2011 in a new execution), as well as being used by NetNames to promote events and whitepapers in Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

A total of 200 marketing/digital agencies and a sample of 150 law firms were contacted pre and post launch to assess the effectiveness of both above the line brand campaigns reporting: A 232% increase in category awareness and an 845% increase in unprompted awareness

“Marketecture is a real breath of fresh air. Insightful and strategic, they bring new creative standards to the world of b2b that has really put us on the map. Having attended INTA for several years, we were amazed with the interest Andriy and Buela generated. Our improved market position and awareness is directly attributable to the segmented campaign that Marketecture proposed and instigated on our behalf.” Marketing Manager, NetNames


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