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Posted by | December 20, 2012 | Creative, Email marketing, Fun, Inspiration

Did you know that the first Christmas tree to be documented was back in 1440’s Latvia?

The tree was decorated with apples; nuts; dates; pretzels and paper flowers. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the custom became quite common throughout Germany, with more decorations being added, including candles, all in the name of Christmas. Today of course, Christmas trees are everywhere and are the pinnacle of Christmas. (And presents, too, of course!).

This year, a team of Marketecture elves, led by Dave Armstrong, one of our designers, set out to create a Christmas tree with all of the special and prized possessions that meant something dear to the team at this festive time.

Dave himself contributed two items to the making of the tree, being little tree decorations he hand crafted in primary school. Dave’s idea was to produce a time lapse video –the making of the tree-that would be used as the Marketecture Christmas card 2012.

After lots of fiddling and moving things around, Ben and Dave came up with a loose outline on the floor in the photo studio, ready for Dave to painstakingly stick, pin and display on the wall. He even made shelves for the heavier objects, like Craig’s bottle of champagne that has been sitting on his desk waiting for a special occasion. The tree even had cuttings from a real tree that Jasper had bought in from his first real Christmas tree at home this year.

Mixed in with all of the festive decorations Max, our client services director brought in her ultimate Christmas things: Bing Crosby’s Christmas album, and the turkey baster, so she can sing and cook in perfect harmony, and there are some other great festive albums in there, too. Lauren’s ‘Christmas Wrapping’ is her absolute favourite festive song of all time, and reminds her of the student days when she worked in a restaurant during the holidays, and didn’t mind working Christmas Day because she loved the song so much!

The big snowman stocking belongs to India, Jon’s daughter, and keeping things in the family, the great ‘Santa’s little helper’ top was bought in by our senior developer Ivor, as worn by his own little helper, daughter Cerys.

Jan bought in her favourite festive book, which she has read so many times, but still makes her sob a little. The heart-warming funny story ‘Skipping Christmas’ embodies the true Christmas spirit, being together.  And of course, it wouldn’t be Marketecture if there wasn’t a little splash of Star Wars in there somewhere. (Have you seen the shrine in our office?).

With a collection of special things, Dave set about the making of the tree, filming little bits at a time, until very late into the night, and with a little bit of music, which had to be The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. There we have it, and our Marketecture Christmas Card 2012 was unveiled for the entire world to see with delight.

Christmas isn’t just about the trees, the lights, and the gifts. It’s about the true spirit of Christmas; about getting together with family and friends, and hope and love. Again this year, we elected to donate to Make a Wish, a wonderful foundation that provides little pockets of delight, and aims to make the dreams come true for some very special children and their families. It’s Christmas, close your eyes…make a wish, and with the best of happiness and health for the festive period and beyond, we give you the Marketecture Christmas Card 2012:

Merry Christmas!

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