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Posted by | December 20, 2012 | Creative, Fun, Futurology, Inspiration

One of the self-development projects that I’ve always been interested in, but never got around to was learning After Effects. After spending a couple of years envying designers who can use it to their advantage, I decided to make it my primary self-development project.

After learning the basics from various tutorials, it was time to test my new skills with a mini side project. So, I decided to create a video for our b2b zeitgeist. (Read our previous blog entry on the b2b zeitgeist). This would be a great opportunity to add an extra dimension to the zeitgeist, whilst testing some newly learnt skills.

With a storyboard sketched out, I set about acquiring the video footage and creating an art direction style that would work best with the zeitgeist. With a distinctive style already established, showing the creativity of the book was at the centre point of the video. I decided to play with the RGB levels, pixels and typography which would create the motion graphics. For the audio I wanted a high tempo track so I could show multiple images along with video footage at a fast pace. This would allow me to transition between the imagery easier.

On reflection, creating this simple effective video was ideal because it allowed me to sink my teeth into After Effects. Working on a mini project like this allows you to gain an understanding of the software layout and basic tools that help out in the long run.

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