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Posted by | December 17, 2012 | B2B marketing, Fun, Inspiration, Social Media
B2B Marketing doesn't have to be boring

‘Serious marketing fun’ is always at the beating heart of the Marketecture way.

Mixing exceptional strategic creativity and serious focus on return on investment with just a little light-hearted fun is a great combination, and It seems all too often that one of the b’s in b2b simply means boring. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Regardless of the nature of the business, the products being sold or the customers you are engaging with, ‘fun’ can be injected into b2b marketing.

Here are some clever and fun approaches to b2b marketing:

FMW Fasters based in Huston, TX  (Spreading the Joy, one nut and bolt at a time) certainly seem to have a little fun with their tweets and using the hash tag #FastenerExcitement often tweet things like “Tamper resistant insert bits are here! Be still my beating heart!” and “Get out there and be free little fasteners. Fly away”.  It’s a far cry from the usual b2b content in tweets, but it clearly engages their online b2b community and acts as a catalyst for that all import social conversation, generating a lot of interaction between the manufacturer, distributors and end users.

And it’s not just the smaller industrial firms making best use of humour and creativity. International power brand Cisco Systems have worked with Tim Washer, the brainchild behind some of the funniest b2b videos, like IBM’s “MainFrame: The Art of Sale” video, and who can forget the Will it Blend series? B2B Online has done a great job of compiling a ‘Top 10’ of the funniest B2B videos.

Although some of them might be a little silly, the overriding principle is an important one: b2b marketers can engage customers with more innovative, less conventional methods, and having a little harmless fun is just that: harmless.

The secret to the Art of Sale viral was to laugh at yourself, taking a serious part of the business and making a little fun of it; disrupting expectations was the basis for VeriSign’s ‘The Cart Whisperer’ or exaggerate a product’s features for a spoof product launch.

None of these approaches are particularly the ‘norm’ for b2b content marketing but campaigns like this are becoming more frequent, and brands are beginning to embrace and apply their sense of humour where it will be appreciated: in a digital community intended to be social.

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