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Posted by | November 21, 2012 | B2B marketing, Creative, Fun, Inspiration, Social Media

How often do you notice an outdoor advertisement? And of those that you noticed, how often do you actually spend any real amount of time looking at?

CBS Outdoor, the UK’s leading outdoor advertising company ran a nice b2b campaign  just recently aimed at advertisers to show the potential that social and mobile media can have on bolstering awareness and furthering engagement.

The Look for Longer campaign, a little like a competition, challenged the participants    to solve the visual clues within the poster and name the 75 stations that make up the London underground.

The campaign ran for around 7 weeks, and in that time prompted around 300,000 commuters and tube users to visit the campaigns microsite and play the game. Almost a third of those players did so from a mobile device. In addition, the campaign generated some 7,000 posts across Twitter and Facebook, and even prompted engagement from overseas.

Clever; and a nice campaign, and although this breed of interactive advertising isn’t necessarily new, not least in the consumer-focused markets (Can you remember the Mr Kipling vending machines?) is nonetheless a great example of how it is possible for b2b marketers to reach out and engage audiences in more engaging ways with the application of innovation and a little more creativity.

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