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Posted by | November 07, 2012 | B2B marketing, Content marketing, Inspiration

It got me thinking about what b2b marketers will be doing to bolster their content marketing strategy in 2013, to find new ways of promoting the business, reach target audiences and generate new leads. With a little Google, and thanks to Joe Pulizzi at the Content Marketing Institute who put together quite an amazing eBook, I came across some brilliant examples. Yes, blogging is great, effective PR practice can help raise your brand profile and awareness; case studies are brilliant at showing working examples of how your product provides a solution, but what about these little beauties as ideas:

Completely London Magazine was launched by property consultancy Kingleigh Folkard & Haywood in 2009 and is a magazine “devoted to bringing everything special about the Capital to life”. What’s great about the several-issue a year publication, and its blog, is that it’s not just about b2b content marketing, but instead injects its brand and services quite cleverly among some high-quality content that is effectually aimed at ‘everyone’. The agency has rocketed to be one of the Top 10 property consultancies in the City, going some way to show the benefits of clever content marketing.

The mission of IBM’s City One game simulation game is to solve real-world business, environmental and logistical problems, learn how technology can revolutionize these industries and explore ways to accelerate process change, integrate with trading partners, and control costs with a flexible IT infrastructure. It’s a fun game, and puts three core content marketing strategies-engage, educate and influence-at the heart of its model. Now, isn’t that better than a case study?

These are some great examples of content marketing innovation within the b2b space, but drop us a line if you find any more great examples. In the meanwhile – ‘Go forth and create!’

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