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Debate continues to rage amongst us b2b marketers (and much so in the MKT office!) about the sacrifices we have to make to the standard of online copy we write to pursue the SEO rankings dream. Contrary to what you may have read and have rammed down your throat by SEO gurus, online content doesn’t have to be stuffed with keywords or unreadable paragraphs for it to be SEO friendly. Unfortunately, majority lot of online content we see out there seems to be going this way and is in fact turning away the exact people we are supposed to be trying to get to sit up and notice our websites.

The copy we produce should be able to be easily read by our pre-identified audience, with words and phrases that the average business Jo or Joanna can understand, whilst being written in a way that engages them. There’s nothing worse than producing a piece of content that may get you to the top of the search engines but can’t hold a person on your page for more than 10 seconds – it defeats the point of what our job as b2b marketers is all about.

In a first-rate piece of copy, your readers shouldn’t even notice the keywords sprinkled throughout your piece of writing, and just because you are aware of the need for it to be readable to the ‘spiders and bots’, it doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to throw the principles of copywriting out the window (shame on you!). Any decent copywriter knows the significance of a strong call to action, short manageable passages of text and selling those all important features and benefits. Only after these three points have been fulfilled should you start to intelligently add keywords or phrases around your foundation copy that will help drive relevant traffic to your page or site.

While a tight keyword strategy is vitally important for any online presence, keyword optimisation is not the be all and end all of making a piece SEO friendly. At Marketecture, we make sure we don’t compromise on quality by structuring our copy in a way that will best benefit us and our readers. We have three features that we always use; headers and sub-headers, links, and Meta data. These help us to create the ultimate copy goal – SEO friendly, relevant and above all an insightful and enjoyable content piece.

  • Headers and sub-headers are there to grab not only your audience’s attention but also help ‘spiders’ read and understand what the page is about – to help them index effectively on search engines in simple terms.
  • Links to and from relevant sites helps Google and other search engines to rate and trust your piece. The harder it is to get certain links the more valuable that link becomes.
  • Each webpage should have its own Meta data, again these help search engines get a better grasp of your website. It’s based on HTML coding and by using

tags it sits along-side your content to push you up the ranking ladder. Simples – eh?

These three essential features help you to get those all important keywords in without over-stuffing the main body of content with superfluous keywords. By over ‘key wording’ you risk negatively affecting the site visitor’s experience and be warned Google’s main priority is the end-user.

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