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Posted by | September 13, 2011 | Advertising, Digital

After the last couple of days, the obvious change to the Adwords campaign was to add detail about the salary. While the “Graduate Marketing Job” is still leading on volume, this advert ranked at an average position of 2.6 (ideal) has a click-through rate of 1.92%, albeit with an average CPC of £1.68.

Junior Account Executive
Award-winning marketing agency
£15-18k + £1k earn/learn #Marketing

In terms of keywords, the focussed “account executive manchester” offers the highest CTR of 3.45% at at CPC of £1.60. (I’m assuming by now you’ve learn the TLA – three letter acronyms – but if not, see the glossary at the bottom of the page)

“Marketing vacancies manchester” is also performing well as a broad-matched phrase, with a CTR of 1.75%, although the current position (4.6) is a bit low – with Adwords the ideal position is 2.5-3 which ensures that the advert is displayed in the top panel (assuming sufficient advertiser competition) at the minimum possible cost.

We’re up to 5x leads at a cost per lead of £12.03. Our first interview is today and going into that this afternoon, the Adwords recruitment experiment has given a much better appreciation of the market: who’s looking, what skills lie out there.

Next step: Tweak budgets and 1st interview!



CPC = Cost per click

CTR = Click-through rate


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