Marketing to the Monday feeling

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Who likes Mondays? Famously not Bob Geldof who was very explicit about that fact when, during his time with The Boomtown Rats, he penned a song called I Don’t Like Mondays. Over my two decades in corporate Britain, I’ve come across a fair few number of ‘Monday feeling’ sufferers and it is certainly a cultural norm. In fact, its wide awareness has fuelled a host of marketing campaigns, the most recent of which is the Reed “It’s time to love Mondays” – a multi-channel campaign across TV and YouTube.

So, just as marketers have long leveraged aspiration, envy or need, how much opportunity is there in the ‘Monday feeling’, specifically for B2B digital marketers?

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b2b marketing to millennials

Who exactly are you talking to? B2b decision-making in a world of emerging millennial influence

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In the world of b2b marketing I am old – really old. Positively ancient in fact as a mid-40 something! This is why I surround myself with brilliant bright young millennial minds to tap into the latest ways of thinking, emerging technologies and new ways of looking at the marketing world. By ‘vampiring’ young creative blood (a.k.a. closely observing my talented colleagues through Sir David Attenborough eyes), I just about stay where I need to be in our emerging millennial-dominated world. And when I combine my years of learning and experience with my millennial learnings I reckon I can be pretty on my game on a good day!
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Up Periscope! [a.k.a. Now we can all be on Big Brother]

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Devotees of Twitter will be probably aware of Periscope, a new video streaming app it has just launched to compete with Meerkat (Not the furry car insurance one). Available on Apple iOS, both are linked to your Twitter account and enable you to broadcast a video stream or watch others. You can also give your approval with a Like on Meerkat or heart on Periscope – essentially YouTubeLIVE with a touch of Facebook.

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A quick guide to content migration

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When you move house, you generally take your things with you. Whilst your old sofa may make a beeline for the skip and the opportunity might prompt a bit of a clear out – were you ever going to get round to brewing your own beer? – most is boxed up and arrives at your new abode in a 7½ tonne truck. This is a great metaphor for the content migration part of your new website project. Whilst you might have new service or product pages, chances are that there will be a considerable number of old news items, existing pages, factsheets, white papers etc. that need to go in a virtual box to their new home. So, call in the movers? Or is it more complicated than that?

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