It’s SEO Jim, but not as we know it!

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In September 2013, Google Hummingbird was officially announced. The most significant change to the Google search algorithm in over a decade, many digital commentators decreed that this latest tweak was a tweak too far and that social media was now officially dead.

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Print Techniques for b2b

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If you’re like me, when given a print project and can push the boat out a little, I immediately think of all the different print techniques available out there. Each technique has the ability to transform a simple design into an elegant piece.

But, what are the different techniques available? When I first got my foot in the door in the creative industry I knew what the finished techniques would look like, but never knew what the technique names were. It’s important for designers to have a grasp of what the techniques actually do because they come in very handy on a print job. Read More


My Cup Runneth Over

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Oh Apple. We love you. We love your constantly evolving designs, sleek, beautiful, yet so user friendly and simple. How on earth did anyone cope without an iPhone, iPad or even an iPod. Those days are just unthinkable now.

Being part of the Studio in a marketing agency automatically puts you into the Apple loving category and yes, I admit it, we look down on PCs. They’re dirty, complicated, confusing little things and I feel the need to scrub my fingertips with bleach and wire wool if I have the misfortune to ever have to touch one of the prehistoric things. But I digress…

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10 reasons why MediaCityUK is a great base for Manchester-based marketing agencies

10 reasons why MediaCityUK is a great base for Manchester based marketing agencies

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Adios Northern Quarter…

When I joined agency land almost a decade ago, many agencies gravitated towards the Northern Quarter in Manchester. Exposed brick walls in character-filled old warehouses, bars and restaurants a few steps away, what is not to love? Ten years on, you can still find bearded designers talking typography and responsive design in the great drinking spots - Port St. Beer House currently wins it for me. However, there is a revolution afoot!

Hello MediaCityUK, Manchester!

It’s safe to say, we love our new home in MediaCityUK. The building, the views, the atmosphere and the buzz is second to none, but here are our top ten reasons why Manchester-based marketing agencies should consider a move here:

  1. Partnerships – as more and more agencies and media companies move, the opportunity for partnerships grows. Where did we go for on-location video shooting recently? – our neighbour across the corridor.
  2. Events – from Supercars in the piazza to the regular appearance of farmers’ markets, there’s always something of interest during a lunchtime wander.
  3. Culture – Want something more highbrow? The Lowry theatre is 5 minutes walk away.
  4. Shopping – Lowry outlet mall or a short drive to the Trafford centre.
  5. TV – The offices of the BBC and TV dominate. Fancy seeing Blue Peter film a hovercraft sequence in the garden opposite your office?
  6. Transport – Easy parking, a quick dash to the M62 or tram to the wider Manchester area. More aligned to the Tour de France? No problem – cycle parking is easy but is going up a level with a cycle hub in September.
  7. Celebrity spotting- If – unlike me! – this is a hobby of yours, ditch Heat magazine and head to the 7th members bar. Craig, one of our designers is winning, after bumping into Mark Webber in Booths.
  8. Food & Drink Booths deli goodness, Nando’s or fine dining at Damson. Plus,  you can’t beat a cold beer in deckchairs opposite The DOCKyard on a sunny day.
  9. Fast Internet Dock10 see to it that our websites deploy faster than ever.
  10. Amusing wierdness – The fodder of  all agencies – a furry taxi or well, no comment really.

Why Google+ matters in b2b

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Research from CEB’s Marketing Leadership Council released last year highlighted that today’s business customers are increasingly using digital channels as part of the purchasing process. According to the report, which surveyed 1,500 business leaders involved in b2b purchases for large organisations, most b2b buyers don’t make direct contact with potential suppliers until 57% of the purchase is complete[1]. Read More

Hotel Pantone

In glorious technicolour

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Pantone. It’s a word that lives in the blood of the vast majority of Creatives, Designers and Artworkers in any Marketing or Advertising agency.

Years ago every Creative Director worth his salt walked around slapping the tall skinny colour breakdown book in his palm. I even remember having huge sheets of Pantone swatches that you could carefully tear individual squares out of to give to your printer, but that’s making me sound old, so let’s move swiftly on.

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One desk to rule them all

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Here at Marketecture towers we hold a strong belief that a happy team member is positively influenced by many different work-related factors. Possibly the most underrated in general – but not here – is the physical working environment.

We like to think we put a lot of thought, fun and craft into making the MKT offices feel playful, creative, relaxed and positive. Sometimes though, you see something which makes you think… ‘Damn. they turned that all the way up to eleven right there!’.
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How to maximise b2b email marketing in our social age.

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In the last ten years, the growth of social media has been nothing short of phenomenal. In 2004, Facebook was the biggest social media player on the block with one million users, Twitter hadn’t yet been founded and LinkedIn celebrated its very first birthday. Today Facebook has over one billion registered users and is expected to enjoy a 40% boost in UK revenues this year, with Twitter set to double its UK revenues to almost £100m[1].Impressive stuff right? Read More