How to create advocates for your B2B brand

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Like all good marketing agencies, we pride ourselves on producing effective strategies and delivering bottom-line results for our clients. This often generates a network effect – our client contact tells a colleague or friend in another company and the referrals generated lead to more work with new clients.

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google masterclass how to grow your b2b

A Google Masterclass: How to grow your B2B business

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I recently returned to my days as a student and visited MMU to attend a half day ‘Google Masterclass’ focusing on how to improve your business’ digital presence. I have shared a few key takeaways from the session below, focusing on how B2B businesses can best exploit opportunities created by the ever evolving digital landscape…

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The Northern Powerhouse: From rhetoric to reality

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Almost two years have passed since George Osborne made his original ‘Northern Powerhouse’ speech at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the UK Northern Powerhouse Conference took place – once again on our home turf – with business leaders attending the biggest event yet to discuss the chancellor’s concept of a powerful, unified northern economy. And in his Budget this week, Osborne said his vision of the Northern Powerhouse is well on the way to becoming “a reality”. Read More


What it takes to create a truly great wordmark based logo

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Every typeface communicates a message

Choosing the right typeface to start with is the most important stage in creating a wordmark based logo.

The type style can convey a lot of meaning based on people’s existing impressions of it. Comic sans for example would be a poor choice for a legal firm but ideal for a company that creates products or services for kids.

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Signpost with web traffic text

Tips for improving your b2b website performance & SEO

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Search optimisation is a constantly moving feast of website performance judgement. What keeps your website at the top of page one this month, may see you drop significant rank by the end of the year. It’s tough out there and keeping ahead of the search bots is proving an ever challenging game of digi-strategy roulette. With this is mind, we want to share our latest quarterly ‘zeitgeist’ of key emerging themes and tips – food for thought for your website, content, social and SEO strategy.

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