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The role of link building in modern PR

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As trade media becomes increasingly online-centric, the traditional functions and benefits of PR are morphing as the discipline’s SEO potential become fully understood. In particular, links in press coverage have become widely recognised for their powerful authority enhancing benefits. Read More

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Does your b2b brand appeal to the heart as well as the head?

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Forging an emotional connection with customers has long been at the heart of consumer marketing. The claim that people use emotion when buying consumer products is not exactly ground breaking. Think about designer clothes labels for example; people may justify the purchase by referring to the high quality of the product, but in reality, most of us buy designer goods because of the way they make us feel about ourselves when wearing them. So it’s no surprise that consumer advertising focuses so much on making us ‘feel’ the clothes with our heart, as well as our head. Read More


Or maybe it’s drills not holes after all?

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I was in the cinema at the weekend watching Reese Witherspoon hike her way through a 1000 mile release of emotional baggage.  And whilst she did an excellent job of it, I’m not actually going to explore the details of her coming of age story here – sadly.

No, the interesting bit from our perspective came at the beginning of the film, amidst the raft of adverts which preceded Reese’s Oscar nominated performance. An ad came up, all Rock N Rolla, spy-thriller glamour, raging away about game changing business platforms and of how ideas are only ideas until I make them happen.  Life doesn’t come to me, so apparently I need to go to it.  In my mind I was standing up defiantly, and in a Ray Winstone-like patter, shouting, ‘I’ll ‘av some of that, naaw’.  But respectable chap that I am, I waited for the end credits to confirm to me that the ad was in fact, Virgin Atlantic. First Class too –  and then I sighed inside.
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Writing a winning press release in the digital era

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The time when PR professionals used to typewrite their stories, send printed slides or photographs is gone.  However, a smart approach to distributing a press release is still crucial to PR success in today’s digital-driven world.  After all, according to research, every distributed press release is viewed on average about 275 times during its first week in the public domain. Read More