Up Periscope! [a.k.a. Now we can all be on Big Brother]

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Devotees of Twitter will be probably aware of Periscope, a new video streaming app it has just launched to compete with Meerkat (Not the furry car insurance one). Available on Apple iOS, both are linked to your Twitter account and enable you to broadcast a video stream or watch others. You can also give your approval with a Like on Meerkat or heart on Periscope – essentially YouTubeLIVE with a touch of Facebook.

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A quick guide to content migration

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When you move house, you generally take your things with you. Whilst your old sofa may make a beeline for the skip and the opportunity might prompt a bit of a clear out – were you ever going to get round to brewing your own beer? – most is boxed up and arrives at your new abode in a 7½ tonne truck. This is a great metaphor for the content migration part of your new website project. Whilst you might have new service or product pages, chances are that there will be a considerable number of old news items, existing pages, factsheets, white papers etc. that need to go in a virtual box to their new home. So, call in the movers? Or is it more complicated than that?

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How to provide instant gratification in B2B

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It’s far too late and you’ve had your fill of bars, nightclubs, hipster ping-pong – Manchester is a bohemian place these days! – and fast food. Home beckons but first, there’s the small inconvenience of queuing in the drizzle for a black cab or doing battle with a minicab control centre. This was certainly the case until March last year when the infamous Uber arrived in Manchester. Now, you can order a competitively-priced taxi with a few swipe gestures in its app. With automatic payment, there’s no worrying about having the right change and the whole experience is far easier. So, last night, 45 seconds after deciding to get a cab, I was in a silver Focus heading home. This is just one example of how the world is now all about instant gratification.

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Don’t be an ultracrepidarian content marketer!

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Much to my wife’s despair, I am fairly addicted to scrabble on my iPhone. When she asks me how I am and I reply “fine” (total score 7) or I end up playing people in New Zealand, I tend to realise I’ve gone too far. However, one positive aspect of this addiction is that it has considerably expanded my vocabulary. Whilst the useful ‘Dzo’  (Tibetan word for a hybrid between the yak and domestic cattle) and many words in the Greek alphabet – ‘Tau’ anyone? – aren’t useful in the world of B2B digital marketing, a recent discovery of the word ‘ultracrepidarianism’ has caused a moment of reflection.

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What can we learn from txt spk??

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Young people, eh? Making the place look untidy with their haircuts, loud ‘music’ and mobile phones. Don’t they ever put them down?

If you have kids of your own or even just younger relatives, you’ve no doubt received a baffling text message in what looks like a foreign language. Having seemingly abandoned the concept of vowels, the youth of today are unwittingly spearheading a genuine revolution in the way that people communicate. Read More