Facebook video domination

Facebook, auto-play and the art of video domination

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Videos are great for creating engagement and encouraging sharing. And that certainly has gone unnoticed by Facebook.

The search giant has seen the value of the (fast growing) video market and wants a slice of the pie. Over the last few months, it has been quietly, but busily, perfecting its plan to displace YouTube as the leader in video sharing. And the implications could have a far reaching impact on the way b2b marketers create and promote video content. Read More

Casino chips.

Selling into the media with confidence

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Contacting journalists during deadline, irritating follow-up calls and irrelevant stories being pitched are all high on list of pet-hates for journalists dealing with PR professionals. With this in mind and as a journalism graduate starting a career in PR – selling into the media was something that definitely made me nervous.

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b2b marketing robot

Watch out, watch out, there’s a b2b marketing automation robot about…

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Is it just me, or have b2b marketing automation vendors picked up where their former ‘hard sell’ CRM vendor friends left off a few years back? My early morning inbox seems to be increasingly rammed of late with emails from marketing automation software providers offering me must ‘download’ nows, free 30 day trials and a whole load of irrelevant webcast invites. All rather bullish, all rather dry and all rather, well, ‘automated’. Read More

Keyword Sandbox

Building a b2b keyword sandbox – where to start

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In a recent client meeting we got ‘down and dirty’ discussing keyword strategy as you do. We were mapping out a new website with said client, and when looking through the analytics of the current site, it was fairly obvious (even to my non-expert eyes) that SEO was not delivering an awful lot of action, even though the client had been paying an SEO retainer fee to another agency for the last two years! This frustrates the hell out of me, as it gives agencies with a passion for delivering great SEO support a bad name.
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Spread the b2b brand love inwards – the potent power of staff brand advocates

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With marketing budgets barely covering plans to engage your external audiences during the rest of 2015, it’s easy to overlook one of your most powerful assets – your staff. They are often in the, ‘they can wait ‘til later’ box. The sense that there’s already too much to do is all pervading and well, they are under obligation to turn up every day until they leave, engaged or not.
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