A Changing Industry for a Changing Country?

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One of the nice things about working in the Marketing, Advertising and Design industry is that it’s a very fair-minded environment. People are very tolerant of difference – if not always entirely PC – and, in general, I would describe most people I’ve met in this industry as liberal. Did you know that the average designer is composed of 34% flax seed, for instance?

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Are bandits stealing your Twitter followers?

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After spending months, or maybe years, monitoring your Twitter analytics, you probably have your follower/followee rates memorised better than your mother’s birthday. You’ve taken valuable time winning over your readers, carefully considering every one of those 140 characters, scouring through hashtags and trends, searching for the best industry content to retweet…and now the worst has happened. You’re starting to lose followers! Read More

The Beauty of Youth

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Nobody likes to think of themselves as getting older, but it’s something that every being on this planet has to reconcile themselves with eventually. I am 32 years old, which obviously doesn’t qualify me for an easy chair just yet, but even at my age you occasionally encounter things that remind you that the pages are turning.

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What’s the point?

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Why are we doing this? Seriously, what’s the point? It’s a good question, but I don’t mean it in an esoteric way – do you ever stop and question whether what you’re doing is worth the time, effort and money? You really should.

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