Spam – think before you eat

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Spam. What is it? A delicious tin of precooked meat product introduced in 1937 and the stuff which people went mad over in the war.  By 2007 seven billion cans had been sold.  If you’re interested it’s apparently got more than a trace of pork shoulder and ham in it.

But of course, I’m not talking about Hormel Food Corp’s fleshy treat – incidentally it’s much better fried. I’m talking about unsolicited emails.  According to Wikipedia, a Monty Python sketch depicting Spam as ‘ubiquitous and inescapable’ is to blame for the connection.
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Email marketing & Russian dolls?

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Emails have become such a regular staple in our B2B marketing communications cupboards that I’d almost forgotten to question them and check them out as a viable, ROI delivering mechanism to communicate our client’s precious communications.  Ideas that are weeks in the making. Ideas that we proudly let sail into the business world like a duckling ushered from its nest. Read More


Ten tips when launching a new b2b product or service

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We’ve been planning a new product launch here at Marketecture HQ for the best part of the last six months. A launch to push out a new ‘packaged’ offer for one of our core business areas which we hope will fill a gap in the market and which will resonate with b2b marketers and business-owners alike. As a team we’re excited as we’ve mused, discussed, challenged and deliberated over every aspect of our new product between ourselves, having established through research the fundamentals of product, place, price and promotion.

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Respect my content…please?

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What are the chances of reading this blog from start to finish?

Hopefully you read that line – it was the first line after all.

Have a look at this Honda ad.  The style is actually ‘borrowed’ from Spritz – a fantastic little bit of technology. If you didn’t have the time to have a quick look, it’s an invention to make us read even faster, with less effort.  To make us extreme-content-digesters, harvesting up the internet like those aliens from War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise running around below.  Our content appetites are insatiable, our attention spans as fleeting as the Manchester sun.

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The Big G – Knowledge [Graph] is power

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Oh Mighty Google.  I’m actually slightly concerned you will turn into that digital Johnny Depp monster from the 6.3/10, IMDB rated film, Transcendence.  I’m lazily never logged out of my Gmail account which I believe is constantly, but anonymously, scanning my emails and activity across the web.  In fact, without question it knows more about me [clear browser history] than my girlfriend or mother.  For the religious amongst you, I won’t say more than God.

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U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class, Sal Somoza, security force team member for Provincial Reconstruction Team Farah, motions toward the Farah justice center building while maintaining security during a meeting with the Farah provincial chief justice in Farah City, May 4. The PRT met with Farah's chief justice in order to advise and assist with local reconstruction efforts following an April 3 terrorist attack in Farah City. PRT Farah's mission is to train, advise and assist Afghan government leaders at the municipal, district and provincial levels in Farah province, Afghanistan.  Their civil military team is comprised of members of the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, the U.S. Department of State and the Agency for International Development (USAID).  (U.S. Navy photo by HMC Josh Ives/released)

The terrorists are coming so patch that CMS!

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Without doubt, website content management systems (CMS for short) have been a significant part of the growth of the internet. Empowering people with basic word processing skills to keep a website up-to-date, they have meant a shift in focus for developers away from the task of content management. However, a commonly overlooked area is the need to keep these CMS platforms patched with the latest security updates.

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This girl definitely can

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It’s not often that a marketing campaign captures the mood of an audience so well, it leaves them inspired, motivated, and engaged. Yet, in my opinion, that’s just what Sport England’s recent campaign ‘This Girl Can’ has done. And I applaud them for it: it’s a mighty lesson in empowerment, brand storytelling and audience engagement.

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