One hit wonders

Is the blog now a one-hit wonder in the b2b space?

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The way we blog has seen significant change over the last few years as social channels and search algorithms have increased in sophistication. More B2B businesses are using blogs than ever before to drive their marketing, and LinkedIn and Twitter are more and more focused on creating new revenue earning opportunities based around helping us to promote our blogging efforts. Read More


How much marketing is too much?

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few months, you’ll know that the latest Star Wars episode is out (and it’s amazing by the way!). Whether you’re a die hard, geektastic fan, or a Star Wars adversary, you also can’t have failed to notice all the marketing link ups and merchandise out there from breakfast cereals to gaming apps, cosmetics, and even galactic insurance tie ins. Turn any corner and you’re likely to come face to face with a Star Wars branded item. But has it gone too far? Does too much marketing damage a brand?

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Graphic Tablet

Doing things by hand

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Like most people I didn’t start out unleashing my creativity on a computer, I began at a young age copying images of Mickey Mouse in crayon and making ships with lollipop sticks.

Years later I chose to study both graphic design and art at GCSE level in high school. It’s here where I got my first taste of the more formalised and standardised world of design – leaning desks, straight edges, french curves, mechanical pencils, it was a whole new world of creativity in a more logical, sterile environment where the mess and unpredictability of the Art room just didn’t exist.

Although I use Adobe Creative Suite now pretty much exclusively, it was back in GCSE graphic design where I first dipped into computer aided design with Corel Draw. It was amazing, the ability to render shapes, paint with a mouse, add typography and layer effects opened up an entire new world of creative opportunity for me and my classmates. But it also pushed my career away from the craft and beauty of fine art towards the quicker, cleaner and more convenient world of graphic design.

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Star Wars Oranges

Star Wars – the biggest brand in the galaxy?

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When most people think of Star Wars they think of lightsabers, men in shiny white armour and ridiculous merchandising deals – but what if I said B2B brands could pick up a thing or two from the successful franchise?

Tenuous link I know.

Like many other superfans I went to watch the new movie on opening night – I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet but I will say that it got me wondering about how a brand can reinvent itself and still stay relevant to old and young generations alike.

Over it’s 38 year history, Star Wars has grown so much equity that Disney recently coughed up 4 billion dollars to buy it’s proprietor – Lucasfilm. With waning interest and no new movies since 2005 you’d probably think that was madness. Apparently not. With a new trilogy of movies now kicked off, several spinoffs in the works, reams and reams of new novels, comicbooks, merchandise, conventions, computer games and big sponsorship deals – it’s likely the best buy-out the house of mouse has ever made.

So with all the renewed hype for a galaxy far, far away, what can us humble B2B marketers take away from it all?

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To emoji or not to emoji

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There are those amongst us who have spurned either the entire use or the over use of emojis. Either out of wishing to avoid what may be a ‘kids thing’ or out of some secret sense of linguistic superiority that we keep to ourselves.

The uncomfortable fact, at least for these people, is that emojis are here to stay. They are so engrained in fact that advertising and marketing are now using this pictorial lexicon to sell things – as can be seen in this advertising campaign for McDonald’s by Leo Burnett, London. Read More


The value of face time

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In today’s digitally-biased world, and with busy working lives, it’s all too easy to fire a quick email off to a customer or client, but could confining your customer or client contact to technology mean you’re missing out on the chance to build valuable long-term relationships?

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Targeted marketing

The (Targeted Marketing) Nightmare before Christmas

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“What’s Pyrography?” Those are two words you do not want to hear come out of your husband’s mouth when you’ve just ordered him a Pyrography set as a secret Christmas gift. He knows what Santa is bringing him as a main pressie, so being the thoughtful wife that I am, I decided to get him an extra surprise gift. But sodding ebay and Amazon have now ruined that for me. Thanks a lot!

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