Mobile is now king

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This year, for the first time in history, people spent more time on the internet on mobile devices than they did on personal computers.

This obviously has wide-reaching implications. Mobile-first web design for a start. From my point of view it challenged one well-used school of thought instantly.

“If a user is accessing your site from a smartphone, they must be on the move. Let’s adjust the content and bring contact and maps to the fore.”

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What does Facebook’s Atlas platform mean for marketers?

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Atlas, the primordial Titan who held up the celestial spheres and presided over astronomy and navigation. He held the world on his back. And he also lent his name to the new Facebook ‘people-based marketing’ platform.

Yes, Facebook has quietly re-launched its far-reaching cross-channel advertising solution. But with many people never hearing about the platform in the first place, quite a few marketers have been left asking: ‘What is Atlas and what does it offer me’?
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LinkedIn MasterClass

How to use LinkedIn Showcase pages to boost your (indirect) SEO

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Regularly readers of the Marketecture blog will have noticed a post earlier this year about the change to LinkedIn’s company pages with the introduction of showcase pages. Keen to experiment, I setup one to promote our B2B Brand Blueprint service:

One of things that struck me was that the name was taken for the URL. (BTW: the name is a set once, it’s-in-stone affair so choose carefully)

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The iMpact on email marketing

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Even with Bendgate, the iPhone 6 launch looks set to boost Apple coffers substantially. As the share price hovers around $100/share with a market capitalisation of ~$600B, it’s safe to say even with a few launch gremlins, the iPhone product line has been rejuvenated and the bottom line restored. So apart from creating some queues in retail stores, what other impact is the iPhone 6 going to have?

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PR lessons from Apple

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Tech giant Apple is having a tough time of late, with recent changes at the top of the organisation failing to reignite the brand; fury over the free U2 album giveaway during the iPhone 6 launch; ‘bend-gate’ fakery stirring up potentially damaging rumours; and serious issues over their latest iOS8 updates… it’s looking a bit pear-shaped for them right now. No doubt this is just a blip for the Apple we all know and love, but what are the key takeaways from a PR and brand management perspective?

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Marketecture GoApe

Monkey Business – The *Marketecture annual team off-site day

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Once a year, we take the entire team out of *Marketecture Towers for a whole day in a bid to update everyone on the exciting goings-on and plans for the future, and take a few moments to reflect on the successes and achievements of the past year. It’s also a chance for any new team members to take part in a ‘getting to know you’ session; making everyone feel welcome is a key part of the *Marketecture ethos.

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