The iMpact on email marketing

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Even with Bendgate, the iPhone 6 launch looks set to boost Apple coffers substantially. As the share price hovers around $100/share with a market captilisation of ~$600B, it’s safe to say even with a few launch gremlins, the iPhone product line has been rejuvenated and the bottom line restored. So apart from creating some queues in retail stores, what other impact is the iPhone 6 going to have?

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PR lessons from Apple

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Tech giant Apple is having a tough time of late, with recent changes at the top of the organisation failing to reignite the brand; fury over the free U2 album giveaway during the iPhone 6 launch; ‘bend-gate’ fakery stirring up potentially damaging rumours; and serious issues over their latest iOS8 updates… it’s looking a bit pear-shaped for them right now. No doubt this is just a blip for the Apple we all know and love, but what are the key takeaways from a PR and brand management perspective?

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Marketecture GoApe

Monkey Business – The *Marketecture annual team off-site day

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Once a year, we take the entire team out of *Marketecture Towers for a whole day in a bid to update everyone on the exciting goings-on and plans for the future, and take a few moments to reflect on the successes and achievements of the past year. It’s also a chance for any new team members to take part in a ‘getting to know you’ session; making everyone feel welcome is a key part of the *Marketecture ethos.

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data segmentation

What’s the best way to slice and dice your B2B marketing database?

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A recent study by Marketo, a leading marketing automation software company, looked at the importance of segmentation in email marketing. The data found conclusively that the more segmented an email marketing list, the higher the engagement and ROI. Of course it’s not rocket science. To appeal to your target audience you need to talk to them directly. Being all things to all people in b2b seldom works – personalisation is king! Read More


Andrew Shaw Marketecture Experience

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Let’s see where do I begin? I guess the most appropriate thing to say would be that my name is Andrew. For anybody who hasn’t had the chance to speak with me this week, my apologies, I’ve really just been concentrating as much as possible on the task at hand and I’m…erm a little bit shy I guess. My background is within fine arts, as soon as I left school I went to college to study a design course which varied over a number of different media types. When this came to an end I went on to Salford University to study Visual Arts which included a foundation year, this is where I really learnt how to progress skills I already had and developed many new ones too. I graduated in 2010 after five years, it was a great experience and I’m definitely glad I did it.

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The Gestalt law of closure

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Following on in this series of understanding the Gestalt principles of visual perception and comprehension we look at:


“When seeing a complex arrangement of elements, we tend to look for a single, recognizable pattern.”

Closure seeks simplicity. Closure can occur when a series of visual elements suggest a connection between one another, when, in fact, they may never actually touch. Read More

Social Media Scottish independence

Can B2B social media marketers learn anything from the Scottish Independence campaign

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With a week to go, across the UK, all eyes are looking towards Scotland to find out if Scots are going to take a leap of faith and vote yes to becoming an independent nation.

The decision is, of course, one for the people of Scotland to make. However with the odds once so stacked against a yes vote, and a number of polls now predicting that the result is “too close to call”, it’s fair to say that from a marketing point of view, we’ve taken a professional interest in the campaign. Read More

Fly high with Google Pigeon

Has your B2B website been s**t on by Google’s pigeon?

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Move over pandas, penguins and hummingbirds, there is a new SEO critter in town, and this time it’s personal…to your home town.

At the end of July, Google released yet another algorithm update intended to improve the accuracy and relevancy of local search results. In the absence of an official name by Google, the update was quickly dubbed ‘Google Pigeon’ by the folks at industry news publisher Search Engine Land. Read More