B2B is going mobile

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The Internet is constantly evolving. Users have faster broadband connections, search engines are ever more advanced and Internet usage has risen to an average of four hours a day. And with access to smartphones on the increase, the mobile Internet revolution is in full swing.

But it isn’t just the consumer market that is evolving; b2b buyers are interacting with the web in a way that requires an initiative approach.

The adoption of mobile has been slow in b2b, with many companies reluctant to fully embrace it. This will surely change in the coming years – 256% of B2B customers read reviews on mobile, 55 per cent read product information and 50% compare features. 61% per cent of B2B users watch mobile videos relating to work on their smartphone.

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Google Trends

Put your finger on the pulse with Google Trends

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What are people talking about?….. Yes, you can jump onto Twitter and look at hashtags but according to the Alexa traffic rank for June 2014, Twitter is only 9th in the global list of popular websites with Google firmly in the top spot. StatCounter have Google at 90% of the UK search engine market for July 2014, so if you really want to know what interests the UK, look at what people search for >>>

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How to create effective direct mail

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Like most people I know, I hate junk mail, it’s always wound me up when you get those little envelopes with the cheap plastic window on the front and a half-baked bit of copy trying to entice you in. As I’ve gotten older and I’ve followed a career in marketing I open all the direct mail I find in the morning, even the stuff that says ‘A Great Offer’ where my name should be. As a creative with some experience creating direct mail, I’m shocked by some of the crude techniques I’ve found on my doormat.

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BLOG OFF: I blog, therefore I am..

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Sometimes the act of blogging can be deeply existential – the act of communication can help define the self. But no man – or woman – is an island, so what of the environment that surrounds one’s existence, specifically during the working day?

The right workspace

Fortunately, we have deep thinkers here at Marketecture – take this blog by Arron that explains how the right workspace can grow your business.

We interrupted his pondering to thrust an Amazon voucher “up in his grill”.




The right workspace can grow your business

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As a creative I’ve experienced a variety of workspaces, I’ve worked in some that are quirky, some unique, some contrived and some just downright generic. Here at Marketecture we value the power of workspace and it’s influence on performance, so we make a big effort in making our office inspiring and fresh for our people and our clients.

Let your personality shine

It’s important that your workspace gives off a sense of what your company is about, it should tell some truths about your ethos and individual character traits – and this should resonate from the walls, your furniture, your fittings, perhaps even the clothes your employees wear – it’s essentially part of your brand. It’s easy to fall into the trap of sticking to a standard office working space – this is dangerous, if you adopt a standard office space, you’ll attract standard people, and they’ll produce standard work. Why be standard when you can be great? Read More

Star Blogs

BLOG OFF: The Empire Strikes Back

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When Max launched the blog off, the management team were excluded from the voucher-per-blog and tempted with wine for a couple of blogs. With a week and a half of BLOG-OFF left, Max relaxed these rules and so began a duel:

Head of Digital (Jasper)A social media lesson from the bakers


Head of Creative (Ant)Making a meaningful connection in B2B?

Who will win? How many more Star Wars related pictures will be in the BLOG-OFF?

Who knows….


A social media lesson from the bakers

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A late night look at Google Trends showed that for once, Celebrity Big Brother wasn’t dominating the web chatter (100,000+ searches) but, yesterday, was eclipsed by people searching for Greggs the baker (200,000+ searches).


In a nutshell: a parody versions of the Greggs logo – with a less than positive strapline – were hosted on Wikipedia and Uncyclopdia which were duly picked up by the Google Algorithm and displayed next to the company profile shown when brand searches were made. Read More