Victoria Sponge Cake

Lead scoring takes the cake

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Yesterday, for the first time ever, I found myself a bit disappointed when a colleague brought in cake. Not because it was store-bought. Not because it was from the Clearance section. I was disappointed because it disappeared way faster than any of the homemade treats I’ve ever brought for the office. As a pretty seasoned baker, that’s a big kick in the teeth.

I sulked with the yellow ‘Reduced’ sticker mocking me for a while, but then I started thinking. What made this cake so much more appealing than mine? It was just a Victoria sponge, and I could tell just by looking it had gone a bit stale.

Maybe it wasn’t the cake at all…

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How to create advocates for your B2B brand

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Like all good marketing agencies, we pride ourselves on producing effective strategies and delivering bottom-line results for our clients. This often generates a network effect – our client contact tells a colleague or friend in another company and the referrals generated lead to more work with new clients.

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google masterclass how to grow your b2b

A Google Masterclass: How to grow your B2B business

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I recently returned to my days as a student and visited MMU to attend a half day ‘Google Masterclass’ focusing on how to improve your business’ digital presence. I have shared a few key takeaways from the session below, focusing on how B2B businesses can best exploit opportunities created by the ever evolving digital landscape…

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