My first week in B2B Marketing in Manchester

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Everyone’s first perception of working in B2B marketing is, this must be boring. Industrial clients, supply chains, none of the glamour of consumer marketing. My experience here in my first 5 days at Marketecture has convinced me otherwise. The vibe and good nature of the office environment is as much alive here as I’ve experienced in previous positions in Digital Agencies. This carries on through in the new surroundings of MediaCityUK in Manchester, a perfect place for me to start progressing my career as a Web Developer in this sector. Read More

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Pass me the bucket…

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The Ice Bucket Challenge. Yes, yes, I know. I can already hear you groaning. Videos of your mates pouring water over their heads is starting to clutter up your Facebook feed and you want to get back to pictures of dogs wearing hats and actually hearing about what your friends have really been getting up to. But here in B2B Marketing land, this whole Ice Bucket Challenge concept has proved to be really interesting.

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Virtual reality: The future of marketing and communication?

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Virtual reality has been the talk of the town in the last year or so, especially since Facebook bought the company behind Oculus Rift: the leader in virtual reality technology. However, virtual reality technology has been floating around for decades and has had obvious uses for gaming in the past. Check out this incredible set up  from the 90’s:

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The Gestalt law of figure and ground

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Following on in this series of understanding the Gestalt principles of visual perception and comprehension we look at:


“Elements are perceived as either figure (the element in focus) or ground (the background on which the figure rests).”

Everything in a piece of visual communication will be seen as either figure (object) or ground (background), and the relationship between them is mutually exclusive. Neither can be perceived except in relation to the other, and the change of one is impossible without inherantly changing the other. Read More

Creating a Cost-Effective Marketing Plan: Four Basics not to Overlook

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In this day and age we all know about the hard-earned penny and how easy it is to spend it, and that’s why you can never overlook the basics of your marketing plan when you need to ensure best bang for your buck. Sometimes it’s necessary to review what you think you know, and you might surprise yourself and learn something new which impacts the way you decide to allocate your budget to bets effect.

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Plucking words out of thin air

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After being inspired by Jasper’s blog on the Finger Mouse, I started to wonder what else we can ditch from our increasingly-cluttered desks here at Marketecture Towers. How can we carry less ‘stuff’ to meetings with us?

Well it would appear the we will soon be ditching our keyboards! “Erm what are you talking about, you crazed lunatic?” I hear you cry. Well check out Airtype.

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