Here’s the rub: It goes without saying that ‘ideas’ are probably number one on your agency wish list. Big ideas that can transform brand propositions, make products and services stand out in the competitive arena and make a ‘business changing’ difference.

So just what do you expect from your agency?

New thinking that can lift you out of the white noise of b2b drudgery. But nowadays agency ‘ideas’ need to go way beyond words and pictures. It’s a jungle out there and your agency needs to be more than just ‘creative’. Yes, eye-catching visuals can get attention, but intelligent commercial thinking is what drives growth. You may be trying to stir the new mixing bowl of content, search, social, PR, analytics and automation. The inbound challenge if you like. At the same time battling with an inner voice that tells you: “But outbound does still actually work.” And that’s just the big stuff. Yet the small stuff doesn’t get any easier either. Tight RFP deadlines to meet, client and customer case studies to get up on your website, Adwords campaigns to boost your SEO activity, lead scores, dashboards, LinkedIn… etc. etc. The marketing working day is never done…

A truly integrated agency service model is difficult to articulate.

The dots should be all joined up and not obviously split into silos operating in isolation. This is how we see it anyway here at Marketecture. Essentially we offer the service support you would expect from any established b2b marketing agency, albeit in our own unique way with a promise to deliver.

We focus our expertise around the three cornerstones of Branding, Campaigns and Communications. In addition, we offer a number of productised services which support the delivery of each of these – Brand Blueprint, Contentment, Optimiser and Agility.


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